SISU is excited to announce that we will have a booth in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum. We hope to introduce our automated investing minimal viable product and converse with some of the fintech industries’ most influential and disruptive individuals. For more information, click here.


Sisu Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that focuses on managing the assets of high net-worth clients. We particularly specialize in managing individual accounts, where we carefully assess the financial goals and situations of each of our clients and, together with our clients, select specific strategies that are designed to best meet their financial goals – whether it is to build up assets for retirement, fund children’s educations, meet business and recreational goals or optimize estate and tax structures. Our goal is to help our clients maintain a successful and comfortable lifestyle while at the same time saving for the future.

Very importantly, we insure that all of our investment decisions have our client's best interests in mind by aligning our fee structure with our investors’ goals.

Sisu’s team currently has assets under management of over $25m for a growing number of clients, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.

Sisu is also in the process of developing a retail investment planning platform. Learn more about the revolutionary Sisu.